How ODP Works

Participation in the ODP is open to all businesses that source seafood. We ask companies to submit their sourcing information and there is no requirement to provide data that may be commercially confidential.

Each ODP profile includes the following:

  • Company logo and history
  • Company sustainability summary and hyperlinks to related content
  • Selected key performance indicators (optional)
  • Global map of seafood sources
  • Detailed seafood source table

An ODP profile contains one year’s worth of sourcing data for that company and reflects the previous year’s sourcing.

Steps to participate

The steps to participate in the ODP are as follows:

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1. Submit Company Details & Sourcing Data

Companies are encouraged to disclose 100-percent of their seafood sourcing (not including test products or other confidential items). We offer flexibility in the scope of disclosures, but companies must identify the scope on their profile.

The tasks of collating and submitting sourcing information varies in effort from company to company. Fortunately, the ODP team and the resources of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership offer different options to make this as easy as possible. We provide companies with a template to fill-out all the relevant sourcing details and will review the data with companies for consistency and accuracy, help answer questions, and assist in identifying missing data. Alternatively, SFP’s Seafood Metrics System can be used by companies to collect their seafood sourcing data from suppliers through a secure, online form, which can then be sent offline to the ODP team to begin drafting.

2. Turn Sourcing Data into a Draft Profile

We turn the source list into a map of seafood sources and a detailed seafood source table, comprising a list of fisheries and farmed fish and shellfish with information on the environmental performance of those sources, including third-party certification or participation in improvement projects, selected sustainability ratings, and brief environmental notes. During this process we may ask companies to provide additional information if source data is incomplete or the validity of a source is questioned.

We ask companies to provide a description about themselves and their sourcing practices for inclusion in the profile. Companies can select up to five key performance indicators to highlight in their profile from the following options:

  • Number of Wild-Caught Species Used
  • Number of Fisheries Used
  • Number of Fisheries Well Managed
  • Number of Fisheries in Need of Improvement
  • Sustainability Not Rated
  • Number of Certified Fisheries
  • % Volume from Certified Fisheries
  • Number of Fisheries in a FIP
  • % Volume from a FIP
  • Number of Farmed Species Used
  • Number of Certified Farmed Sources
  • % Volume from Certified Farms

3. Review Profile

Companies can then review their profile for accuracy and completeness before publication.

4. Publish

Once companies have approved their profile, the ODP team will agree a date for publication. Interested companies can work with ODP to announce their participation through a press release and on social media. Participants are also eligible to use the ODP logo as a tool for communicating their affiliation with the project. View our logo guidelines for more information.

5. Update and Renew

Participants are encouraged to update their profiles annually to capture changes in their sourcing and update the sustainability indicators for their seafood sources. Disclosures that are more than two calendar years old will be considered historical and moved to the archive section of the website, where they will still be available to users. All disclosures less than two years old are presented on the homepage. If your company has not disclosed in the past two years, we invite you to reconnect with us to prepare a full, up-to-date seafood sourcing disclosure.


Pricing for new participants starts at $2,000/year. A renewal discount is available for participants completing an annual update to their disclosure.

Additional discounts and package options are available to companies utilizing SFP’s Seafood Industry Services.

Other disclosures

The ODP website serves as a reporting platform to enable interested stakeholders, including responsible investors and seafood consumers, to freely access all ODP profiles and other seafood sourcing disclosures. Companies that have produced their own disclosure are invited to submit a link to their disclosure that can be accessed from our homepage.

In addition, we collaborate with FishChoice, an environmental, non-profit organization dedicated to creating online tools that power progress on seafood sustainability. Through its Partner Program, FishChoice works with businesses that buy or sell seafood, allowing them to publicly share both company and seafood product source information through an online Partner profile. For any seafood product a company lists, FishChoice gives the businesses instant access to up-to-date product sustainability information.

FishChoice Partner profiles are accessible through the Partner Directory. FishChoice Partners who post 100-percent of their sources on their profile page will be recognized on both the platform and the ODP website.