Support seafood transparency

The Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) enables seafood businesses to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and responsible sourcing of seafood by disclosing annual sourcing details of their seafood production.

We provide a simple way for companies to disclose through a common reporting format that can be used to answer the question:

Where does my seafood come from?

Our website enables interested stakeholders including responsible investors and seafood consumers to freely access all ODP profiles and other seafood sourcing disclosures.


What others say about the ODP

Since the ODP launched in 2015, we have received positive press and feedback from stakeholders and participants. Companies that disclose their seafood sourcing are seen to be taking a leading role in the industry.


What participating companies have said about the ODP

Participating companies have shared their reasons for disclosing and the benefits that they have experienced from developing their disclosures.




Benefits to seafood companies and their stakeholders

For seafood companies

In addition to committing to transparency, participating companies use their ODP profiles to:

  • Identify the sustainability of wild-harvest and farmed seafood production
  • Track performance of sourcing year-to-year as sustainability assessments are updated
  • Increase trust with customers, investors, and supply chain partners
  • Build a culture of transparency in business operations with staff and customers
  • Support improvements in source fisheries and aquaculture operations

For consumers and other stakeholders

Details made available to interested stakeholders and consumers through ODP profiles include:

  • A map of seafood production locations
  • Key performance indicators for the company
  • Details on seafood origin, including species, production location and method
  • Details on environmental sustainability of seafood, including certification and improvement, ratings, and environmental impacts

If you would like to discuss any of the above, or learn more about how you can engage with the ODP, we invite you to contact us at:

For media enquiries please contact us at: