Meijer joins Ocean Disclosure Project

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is pleased to announce that American retailer Meijer, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, has joined the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP).

Meijer has disclosed its seafood sourcing through a public profile on the ODP website. The profile includes a list of all of the fisheries supplying wild-caught seafood sourced by Meijer, along with information on fishery management, catch method, and environmental impact.

“Meijer is committed to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, product quality, sustainability, and impact on the environment for all of the seafood we purchase. We have made remarkable improvements over the past five years with help from SFP and look forward to continuing this great work,” said David Wier, Meijer’s Seafood Buyer.

SFP started the Ocean Disclosure Project in 2015 to provide a valuable information resource for responsible investors, seafood consumers, and others interested in sustainable seafood. To date, 15 other companies, including retailers, suppliers, and aquaculture feed manufacturers from Europe and North America, have participated.

Other ODP participants include UK retailers Asda, Co-op Food, Lidl UK, and Morrisons, along with UK seafood supplier Joseph Robertson and French food-service company Davigel. Aquaculture feed manufacturers Biomar Norway, Cargill/EWOS, and Skretting Norway also disclose through the ODP. In North America, US retailers Publix Supermarkets, Walmart, and Giant Eagle, and seafood supplier North Atlantic, Inc. participate, alongside Canadian seafood suppliers Albion Farms & Fisheries and Tradex Foods, who joined the ODP in 2018.

“It’s great to see more and more companies from North America joining the ODP,” said Kathryn Novak, SFP’s Director of Buyer Engagement. “It demonstrates the value of the ODP as a tool for driving transparency in the seafood industry.”

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